WebDAV Server is up and running!

I’m really excited about WebDAV! It just works! This is a tutorial I wrote: http://andres.jaimes.net/setting-up-a-webdav-server/ Some minor issues are pending, but I’ll keep you posted.  Happy new year!!!

UML: Association, Aggregation and Composition

This seems like the neverending story, and because I’m tired of it I want to share my understanding: Association: Used when one instance should send a message to another instance. There’s no a whole / part relationship. In Java this can be an instance calling another instance’s methods. Examples of this can be a Customer…

Oracle XE & PHP

Have you ever tried to access an Oracle database from PHP? Well, if you are a newbie (like me) this is a great manual that will take you from PHP compilation to XML generated results: Download: The Underground PHP and Oracle Manual By Christopher Jones and Alison Holloway The book includes: PHP Oracle Extensions Installing…

Ubuntu 7.10 Released

Among others, this new release of Ubuntu features: 3D Screen effects enabled by default: This is soooo cool! Plus, right click on your desktop, select Change Desktop Background, select Visual Effects and click on Extra… now go move a Window. Themes, backgrounds, fonts, toolbars and visual effects have all been consolidated into a single form….

Got Web 2.0?

Ajax Hacks takes you step by step through an 80 tips journey going from the very basics – how to GET or POST – to advanced topics like performance tuning, caching and web services interaction. AJAX Hacks by Bruce Perry ISBN: 0-596-10169-4

Raise your hand!

Two days ago, while surfing a gov’s page, I got stuck at the very last step of a report generator. I right clicked the page, looked for a link and see the problem: an <object> tag with a classid parameter. That object referenced a PDF file. And because the problem could be fixed by adding…