Andres Jaimes

Raise your hand!

By Andres Jaimes

Two days ago, while surfing a gov’s page, I got stuck at the very last step of a report generator. I right clicked the page, looked for a link and see the problem: an tag with a classid parameter. That object referenced a PDF file. And because the problem could be fixed by adding a simple link, I decided to give them a call. A lady answered the phone and listened carefully to my request. Kindly accepted to pass my suggestion to the IT department, where an IT Specialist would call me back. Very easy huh? So, why I had not tried that before? How many websites in the world, eager to get fixed, to attract new viewers, are just wating for a call? I’m sure many people do it, but from now on, guys count on me. I want to add my vote so all my favorite websites work on my favorite operating system. The more we are, the easier things will change. We’re just waiting for you.