About Me

By Andres Jaimes

[Work in progress]

I’m an application and web developer with a strong passion for research and new technologies.

When I met the web in 1996 bright-colored blinking gif’s dominated the cyberspace. If you wanted to be part of the new neighborhood, Geocities was the place to go. Yahoo! was “the” web directory. Nothing cooler than getting listed there.

At that time, creating a simple contact form implied you had to create a CGI program using the C language. Well, not all the time. You could still use other ones like C++ (ha!) or even a Unix shell script. Great tools appeared, like the CGIC library written by Boutell and the Netscape Composer – If you are curious, the CGIC library is still available at http://www.boutell.com/cgic/.

A lot has change during these years.

On the photography side, I started taking pictures when I was a kid. Creating worlds like the ones we see now on YouTube, but with simpler stuff – Lego like toys were not sold in buckets like now.

I love videogames, gadgets and everything that I can control or “touch”. I’m a member of Mensa International since 2006.

Thanks for visiting.


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