Andres Jaimes

Windows Live Writer? nah… Adobe Contribute

By Andres Jaimes

Obsesed with looking for a good blogging tool on the web and reading a big list of complaints for the lack of a good tool for mac users, I didn’t realize I had had one for a long time on my computer: Adobe Contribute. Most people talk about Microsoft’s Windows Live Writer and how to run it on a Mac, but forget about this good option that runs natively on it.

Although it lacks all the Windows Live Writer tools for image composition €“ we must accept it has some good ones €“ it is a good tool for blogging and includes features like:

  • Easy image insertion from local computer
  • Easy video and flash documents insertion
  • PDF embedding €“ yep, from the creators
  • Automatic Microsoft Office to PDF conversion
  • Page preview in browser
  • Tables and all their features like cell merging
  • Shared assets
  • PayPal buttons and actions
  • Google search fields
  • Draft manipulation
  • Control on “post fields” like tags, categories, publication dates, etc.

Its ease of use makes Adobe Contribute a good option for those looking for a blogging tool on the Mac and a good alternative for Windows users.

Adobe Contribute