Add your GMail account to Metatrader Notifications

By Andres Jaimes

- 1 minutes read - 199 words

On this article we’re going to set up Metatrader for email sending. This is recommended so you don’t miss important messages happening to your account.

Getting a password from Google

If you want to connect your Google email account, you have to generate a new password for Metatrader. To generate a Google password:

  1. On the GMail page click on the Apps menu at the top right corner and then click on Account. Go to Account

  2. Select Security on the left menu and then click on the App passwords link located in the Signing in to Google section.

Make sure 2-Step Verification is On for App passwords to display.

Signing in to Google

  1. Add a new App by using the selection boxes that show up and click the Generate button. Application passwords

  2. Google will create a new random password. You will not be able to see it again. If you lose it, you will have to create a new one. Generated app password

Connecting Metatrader

On Metatrader go to Tools > Options > Email and enter the following information:

Make sure you use the password generated in the previous step.

Press the Test button to confirm everything is ok.