Andres Jaimes


By Andres Jaimes

How to Install Skype in Ubuntu

I just downloaded it and have to tell you it works great.

  • Download installer from Skype website
  • Double click and install downloaded file (you will need admin privileges)
  • Once installed you will find it under Applications -> Internet

If you get a “Problem with Audio Playback” message when doing a Test Call:

  • In Skype, go to Options -> Sound Devices and change “Sound Out” to something else than “Default device”, in my case I selected VIA 8237. Important: before changing this option when I pushed the “Make a test sound” button I could hear the test sound, after changing to VIA 8237 that button stopped working, but Skype calls got fixed.

Something else you might want to check are your audio settings. The Volume Control located on the upper right corner of the screen by default controls master volume. If you want to adjust you microphone’s volume from there do this:

  • Right click the Volume Control and click Preferences
  • In the option list select Microphone and click Close
  • Now go and adjust your microphone’s volume