How to install Papyrus on Eclipse Indigo

Papyrus is a UML designer plugin for the eclipse development environment. Installing it on the Indigo version is very easy:

  1. Go to Help > Install New Software
  2. Under Work with, select All Available Sites and look for Modeling on the tree view.
  3. Under Modeling, look for MDT Papyrus – SDK and press the Next button
  4. Press Next again
  5. Accept the Licence and press Finish
  6. You will be asked to restart Eclipse, so go ahead…
  7. Next time you create a project, you will see the Papyrus project listed.

Happy modeling!



6 Replies to “How to install Papyrus on Eclipse Indigo”

  1. Thanks a million i was fed of searching “how to install papyrus on eclipse indigo” but i dont where to start.i want to draw class diagram from my code. anyway thanks for this

  2. Hello Andrés,
    thank you for your efforts
    i am trying to add MARTR plugin but i dont know i wonder if you could please tell me steps to add it?
    thank you

  3. Thanks lot!!!Andres Jaimes ..Its so simple , i tried lot for downloading UML plugin before urs .. buts urs is very very simple ..Very GOOD …
    Thanks Pammy pune

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