Andres Jaimes

About this new year…

By Andres Jaimes

Hello all.

Since November I have been using the Microsoft 2008 Express Suite. Nice suite, but a big change since these last months I was only on the Java side. C# is one of those languages you can easily fall in love with.

Most of the applications I’m developing are for web, and it has been a great opportunity to use some of the DHTML libraries I’ve found on the web to create those new fancy interfaces. From accordions to drag and drop everything seemed so nice… until I faced the challenge to create a full Outlook-like calendar. I have been three or four days testing different libraries, and I’m afraid I will have to create it from the ground up. I’m very lazy for JavaScript programming… and specially if I have to integrate it with an existing library, including objects and events and all that stuff… uff, anyway… I think it’s time to start programming… or pushing the creative neuron further… 😛