Andres Jaimes

Switch from Debug to Release build options in Delphi

By Andres Jaimes

Unlike Microsoft’s Visual Studio, the option to switch from Debug to Release in Delphi is kind of hidden. However, it is very easy to use.

  1. Go to the Project menu and select Configuration Manager
  2. Now select your project,
  3. Choose a new configuration and
  4. Press the “play” button.


The following picture shows you how the Configuration Manager looks:

By default, the difference between the Debug and the Release options include:

  • Local Symbols creation (Debug: On, Release: Off)
  • Symbol Reference Info (Debug: Include, Release: None)
  • Debug Information (Debug: On, Release: Off)

If you want to make further configurations, go to the Project menu and select Options. The options below Delphi Compiler and Resource Compiler will let you adjust every little nut.