Andres Jaimes

Install CentOS 7, Oracle XE and other development tools

The CentOS distribution is a famous and stable Linux version derived from RedHat Linux. It’s been one of my favorites and one that you can easily find with hosting providers. In this article we will install CentOS and OracleXE. It’s worth mentioning the OS team improves the installation process with each version, and you will find out in this tutorial how straightforward it currently is. 1. Installing CentOS We’ll perform a minimal installation; this means, we will not install a graphical interface, because this server is meant to be a web / database test server.

Oracle Snippets

This post will be updated with snippets for Oracle. I hope you find it useful.  1. Change the default date format Most useful snippet of the year! 😉 ALTER SESSION SET NLS_DATE_FORMAT = 'MM/DD/YYYY HH24:MI:SS'; select sysdate from dual; 2. Escape single quotes and ampersands on strings Single quotes: select 'D''Angelo''s' from dual; Ampersands: SET DEFINE OFF; 3. Adjust page width and size set pagesize 1000 set linesize 100 4.