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Oracle XE on Ubuntu

Do you want to know how to set up Oracle? It is pretty simple and this tutorial will take you step by step through the installation process. Installing Oracle XE on Ubuntu.

Installing Oracle XE on Ubuntu

My first encounter with Oracle was back in 2001. It was installed on a Windows 2k test server. We worked in a one year long project and I had enough time to learn about it. I just remember having encountered feelings. SQL was very pleasant: the CASE keyword was not part of my daily queries so I found it extremely useful to do rows to columns conversions. Text functions helped us implement all our crazy ideas for a search engine.

Back from the hospital…

Hey there!, I’m back after a week in the hospital. Must say I really missed the Internet. My recommendation: don’t skip any meal! Always make time to eat and enjoy every food. According to some Japanese ideals, you should enjoy each bite and let your body shake to the flavors mix. After all, this week was just a reminder to keep my life in balance…

WebDAV Server is up and running!

I’m really excited about WebDAV! It just works! This is a tutorial I wrote: https://andres.jaimes.net/setting-up-a-webdav-server/ Some minor issues are pending, but I’ll keep you posted. Happy new year!!!

Setting up a WebDAV server

Do you want to install a WevDAV server? This article is for you. What is WebDAV? WebDAV is a protocol that lets you read and write files on the web almost as if you were accessing local files. You can create folders and files, as well as rename them, delete them and perform most common operations on them. It stands for Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning. Since WebDAV is an extension to the HTTP protocol, you can still use features like security during file transfers (via HTTPS) or password protection on files and folders on the server.

UML: Association, Aggregation and Composition

This seems like the neverending story, and because I’m tired of it I want to share my understanding: Association: Used when one instance should send a message to another instance. There’s no a whole / part relationship. In Java this can be an instance calling another instance’s methods. Examples of this can be a Customer and its persistance mechanism (DAO – data access object). They just send messages between each other.


The following are some nice quotes I’ve got from fortune cookies or my mind: You can have, do or be whatever you want Good sense is the master of human life All decisions you make today will be most fortunate You will be fortunate in everything you put your hands to Today’s hardship leads to rewards in later life Make a wish, it might come true for my french readers, here they are:

Oracle XE & PHP

Have you ever tried to access an Oracle database from PHP? Well, if you are a newbie (like me) this is a great manual that will take you from PHP compilation to XML generated results: Download: The Underground PHP and Oracle Manual By Christopher Jones and Alison Holloway The book includes: PHP Oracle Extensions Installing Oracle Database 10g Express Edition Using Oracle Database 10g Installing Apache HTTP Server Installing PHP Connecting to Oracle Using OCI8 Executing SQL Statements with OCI8 Using PL/SQL with OCI8 and much more…


Connecting to a Local Oracle Database This is a small but useful example: <?php $c = oci_connect('hr', 'hr', '//localhost/XE'); $s = oci_parse($c, 'select city from locations'); oci_execute($s); while ($res = oci_fetch_array($s)) { echo $res['CITY'] . "<br>"; } oci_close($c); ?> Prior to use this example you must enable the hr user. To learn how to configure PHP to access Oracle databases check my Linux Console page. Source: http://www.oracle.com/technology/tech/php/pdf/underground-php-oracle-manual.pdf

Ubuntu 7.10 Released

Among others, this new release of Ubuntu features: 3D Screen effects enabled by default: This is soooo cool! Plus, right click on your desktop, select Change Desktop Background, select Visual Effects and click on Extra, now go move a Window. Themes, backgrounds, fonts, toolbars and visual effects have all been consolidated into a single form. Desktop search: Quick search all your files, web, email, etc. Pidgin: New name for the Gaim Internet Messenger, it features more icons 😉 and MSN icons are now shown for all your contacts.