C# Tips and Tricks

Reading Outlook Contacts Have you ever realized all you can do if Outlook contacts information were located into a database? If you have, this tip is for you. The first step is to take all that information out from Outlook so we can transform it into series of insert/update statements. Start Microsoft Visual C# Express (you can download it for free from Microsoft’s site pending link). Once downloaded and installed, create a new project and add Outlook’s library to it:

Some words on Java, C# and C++

I have always considered myself a C++ guy. That was one of the first languages I learned. But, life has taken me through many different paths, and I have needed to learn others. It was seven years ago, when I tried my first cup of Java and I realized objects were a must: Why did I need to create an additional class to return a compound value? another file?, I could do a “one-liner” in C++.