Andres Jaimes

Server Upgrade

Last sunday I upgraded my website software… phew!, It was a long task, but final result was very pleasant :-). Right now it’s running on WordPress 1.5. Very nice. One major change was the use of subdomains instead of subdirectories. I pretend to keep all blogs cleaner by putting each one in its own subdomain space. The price is some broken links on the net ;-)…

My papaya tree

This tree is in my garden… yummi, yummi

Logo contest and Xara

Two months ago I designed this logo for an internal company product contest. I didn’t win, but I learned a lot. Xara made the work very simple, and well… hope you like it as much as I do…

Ubuntu 8.04

Ubuntu 8.04 was released last week. This release includes features like: Firefox 3 Beta 5: Web browser Desktop Effects enabled by default: Window shadows, wobbling, animations, desktop on a 3D cube, transparency and a lot more. Gnome 2.22: Window manager Open Office 2.4: Office productivity suite. PDF printer… and a lot more. More information on ubuntu.com and gnome.org

On Polyominoes

Three weeks ago I had to work on polyominoes for a final project. Since I had to program an enumeration quickly, I wanted to find a simple algorithm to do it. Well, my search was hard. I barely found information on enumeration algorithms and read the work of many people including Redelmeier, Knuth and Ares Ribó. I chose to go the Redelmeier way because of the short time to complete the task.

It’s official…

Ok, first time was fun, but now I hate it… I have deleted about 1000 spam comments in about a week… suggestions accepted…


Hey!, today while checking the comments for my site I found the amazing quantity of 117 comments… all of them spam! hahaha… this is a new record!

First rain since september

Finally, after six months it was so heavy. This is my garden covered by hail.


How to change the screen resolution of Solaris 10 running in vmware First you must install the vmware tools on your virtual machine. Edit your xorg.conf file: vi /etc/X11/xorg.conf Under the section “Monitor” put a number sign (#) in front of all those screen resolutions you don’t want. Save your file, log off and log on again.

What The GIMP needs

Photoshop is one of those so popular applications often missed in the Linux world. Ok, ok, the GIMP is there, but you have to learn to use it. Even moving a simple selection around becomes a hard to accomplish task. This makes me think, about all that people who has spent so many hours learning Photoshop. The solution: programming an interface very similar to Photoshop. And I mean, get the same keyboard shortcuts, menus, get an MDI interface, arrange tools in a similar way, etc.