Andres Jaimes

Calling a DLL from MQL

There are times when we want access to additional data structures and function libraries than the ones provided by MetaTrader’s MQL. Besides native open-source MQL options, we can create our own Dynamic Link Library (DLL) in C# or C++ and link it to our programs. In this article, we research how to connect to DLLs created with these languages. We must keep in mind that the code generated by C# is managed code running on the .

From MySQL to Postgres - Useful commands

This article shows a list of basic commands on MySQL and their corresponding versions for PostgreSQL. Connecting to a database MySQL $ mysql -u root -p Postgres $ psql -h <host> -U <username> <database-name> Try the following if you don’t know the name of the available databases: psql -h <host> -U <username> -l Some installations add your current user to the list of allowed users to the database. In that case you can connect without specifying a username.