How I made my HP LaserJet P1102w work with my iPad

HP LaserJet P1102w

I got an HP LaserJet P1102w about a year ago, so long before I thought I was going to get an Apple’s iOS device. I purchased it just because I thought it would be useful to have a printer that could work wirelessly.

At that time I made it work using wireless, but for some reason it stopped working. I didn’t care because it was very simple to connect it via USB to my computer and get my stuff done.

However, this time’s story was different. I really wanted it to work wirelessly to be able to print from an iPad. And after so many hours I made it work. The main problem was that the printer could not get an IP address when WEP was enabled.

In few steps: I disabled WEP on my router, connected my printer using DHCP, assigned it a static IP and then enabled WEP again.

So, here is what I did:

Important: The following instructions assume you have some technical knowledge. There are many terms and actions that you must be familiar with.

  1. First, remove all your printer’s drivers and disconnect it from your computer.  You can get detailed instructions on this page.
  2. Restart your computer.
  3. Connect to your router’s administrative page and temporarly disable WEP or any other authentication.
  4. On Windows: connect the printer to your computer. A new drive will show up on Windows Explorer. Double click the SISetup.exe file located in the new drive to start the installation.
    On Mac: Download the latest printer drivers from Start the installation from the downloaded files.
  5. When the installation program asks you to select a method to connect to your printer choose via WiFi Network. You can do this even if your computer is connected via Ethernet to your router.
  6. When you are prompted to select a method for detecting your WiFi network select Automatic.
  7. Select your router from the list. Since  you disabled WEP before, the installation program will not ask you for a password.
  8. Unplug your USB cable when asked for.
  9. After some minutes, your printer installation will finish. At this point your printer should be connected to your router.
  10. Get your printer’s IP address. You can do it by pressing for about 5 seconds the X button on it.


Now, to set your router’s security on again:

  1. Open a web browser and go to your printer’s IP address.
  2. Go to Network Connections and set your IP address as Manual IP. I strongly recommend you to leave the DHCP assigned IP address as the new static one; this way you will not loose connectivity when you apply the changes.
  3. Now, still on your printer’s web page, click on Wireless. On security mode select WEP, then select Hexadecimal and under WEP Key 1 type what your new WEP key will be.
  4. Apply the changes. At this moment you will loose connectivity to your printer because it will try to connect to your router using WEP.
  5. Go back to your router’s administrative web page and turn WEP authentication on again. Assign the aforementioned WEP key.
  6. Apply the changes.
  7. Turn your printer off and on and connectivity must be recovered.
  8. You are now ready to connect to it using any iOS device.


Final suggestions

  • Update your printer’s firmware. You can download the latest version from
  • Instruct your router not to reassign the IP address your printer uses.


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  1. This print is bad news. I tried the above procedure. Worked for some time and quit. Hp sucks.. At times I feel like taking this printer and smashing it in the dumpster..

  2. Hi Andres,
    I will probably need your advise. I got this printer to work on wireless, however thru installation via CD and it prompted me to key in the wireless credentials,it get to no avail. when I did a configuraion print, it still gives me a IP address of 169. Hence,it is not connected to the network. Pls advise in reagrds to changing of IP address.
    Best Rgs,

    1. Hi Ben,

      Yes, as you say a 169. IP address means the printer is not connected to your network. I’m afraid you will have to redo the installation process (from the beginning) to be able to set a new IP address.

      Is your router configured to use a WepKey?

  3. On the Device Configuration, it show the SSID and Authentication mode is WPA/WPA2. Hence is not WEP, I assume.

    I connect the printer over USB and install using CD. It prompted me whether to choose Configure to print over wireless network, I selected and proceed on. Is it convient to email me? Hence can discuss matter with u? pls advise.

  4. It may be best to consider upgrading your wireless security to at least WPA. HP Printers are notoriously bad with passwords and the length of the WEP password may be more than it can handle when it also has to try and talk to the router via DHCP.

    You could also consider giving the printer a static IP through it’s configuration page or the bundled software, as long as you put it in an IP range which your router doesn’t assign addresses to.

    I have a Deskjet 6988dt which cannot handle WPA passwords with special characters, but as long as you keep that in mind, it works like a charm wirelessly.

  5. hallelujah! after battling that printer for years (each time referring to this excellent article) i have found that hp has finally produced a firmware upgrade that renders the procedure above slightly less braindead if you require wep (in my case, because the kids’ nintendo consoles allow nothing else):

    * configure your soho router to authenticate over wep. take note of the dhcp lease range (e.g. to and network range (typically the mask is, implying e.g. to (if you’re in luck the router may allow assigning dhcp ip addresses to specific mac addresses which allows a more elegant solution but in my case and many others it does not.)
    * install the printer using a usb cable or ethernet wire on a windows box. if you have the latest driver and firmware you will be able to provide the wep passcode (which btw, in case that cannot be specified on the router, will probably have to be in hex, not ascii) to it during installation.
    * install latest firmware (at least that of summer 2013) if needed, remove printer from windows box and start again from the step above.
    * the printer will have gotten a dynamic ip inside the dhcp range (doh). surf to that address and give it a fixed ip instead outside the dhcp lease range but inside the network range. if the ranges are identical, use one of the highest addresses available.
    * entirely remove the printer software (and while your at it, you might as well remove its printer port) from your windows box and re-install.
    * install on any linux boxes you have using the standard hplip package and command hp-setup.

    you should now no longer suffer from endless ip conflicts rendering the printer useless at random intervals as i did.

    the printer is still a royal pain in the *** but of significantly minor royalty.

  6. oh-kay 🙁

    the procedure in my earlier post didn’t work as i first thought: everything worked fine for about a day, then nothing anymore. the printer wasn’t even pingable whatever i did short of reinstalling – again – completely.

    so i reinstalled w/o making the ip address fixed and am now waiting to see how it works out. if even with this new firmware the ip address conflicts return i am going to disable wifi on my isp-supplied soho router and install a separate access point that allows assigning permanent dhcp leases.

  7. OK, that’s it.

    the ip address conflicts are back. that printer just doesn’t manage to hold on to its dhcp lease when on wep even though i never turn it off *and* my soho router doesn’t allow assigning permanent leases. i have ordered a separate access point that does.

    omg what a piece of junk. to think that hp is still pushing it on its site…

  8. so can this printer be set up to work with no computer? im just trying to use an ipad air with verizon 4g built in. i would also like to know that if this can happen with no computer, can i use it with no internet, or can it use a mobile hotspot from a phone. this is going to be used to print invoices and thats it so i dont want to have to install internet at my house for no reason if possible.
    thanks in advance if anyone can help

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