How to install Papyrus on Eclipse Indigo

Papyrus is a UML designer plugin for the eclipse development environment. Installing it on the Indigo version is very easy: Go to Help > Install New Software… Under Work with, select All Available Sites and look for Modeling on the tree view. Under Modeling, look for MDT Papyrus – SDK and press the Next button Press Next again Accept the Licence and press Finish You will be asked to restart Eclipse, so go ahead… Next time you create a project, you will see the Papyrus project listed.

IIS tips and tricks

Running multiple versions of the .NET framework in IIS When you install a new .NET framework in your IIS server some applications can stop working showing you the following error: Server Application Unavailable In the event viewer you will find this: the same IIS process. Please use the IIS Administration Tool to reconfigure your server to run the application in a separate process. This happens because different .NET frameworks can run in the same server, but cannot share the same application pool, so, to solve this:

Some words on Java, C# and C++

I have always considered myself a C++ guy. That was one of the first languages I learned. But, life has taken me through many different paths, and I have needed to learn others. It was seven years ago, when I tried my first cup of Java and I realized objects were a must: Why did I need to create an additional class to return a compound value? another file?, I could do a “one-liner” in C++.