Meet the $250,000,000 man

When you do have money, the money gives you power… because you don’t have to answer to anybody. - Ben Mallah

Error handling for JS fetch requests

The following example handles server and connectivity errors for javascript fetch requests. function handleErrors(response) { if (!response.ok) throw new Error(response.status) return response } fetch('') // handle network err/success .then(handleErrors) // use response of network on fetch Promise resolve .then(response => console.log("ok")) // handle fetch Promise error .catch(error => console.log('found an error: ', error)) handleErrors can be updated for handling different types of errors in different ways. This function is called whenever we get a response from the server (successful or failed).


El día de hoy obtuve una de las codiciadas cuentas en Google+. A primera vista pareciera que estamos tratando con una copia de FaceBook, pues tiene cosas como los mensajes de estado y las fotografías… pero esconde muchas otras más.

No more spam…

Ok spammers, I’m tired. During the last weeks I was getting about 100 spam messages per hour. That was very difficult to control. So I decided to take that as an opportunity to upgrade my server. Now my website runs on the latest WordPress engine and I have also installed some new antispam plugins. All the website contents will be updated and uploaded during this month. I appreciate your patience while I finish applying this upgrade.

Comments have been temporarly disabled…

Sorry everyone, but I was getting the incredible quantity of 60 spam comments per hour… I will reopen them as soon as I get a good tool to fight spam… Thanks!