Andres Jaimes

WebDAV Server is up and running!

I’m really excited about WebDAV! It just works! This is a tutorial I wrote: https://andres.jaimes.net/setting-up-a-webdav-server/ Some minor issues are pending, but I’ll keep you posted. Happy new year!!!

UML: Association, Aggregation and Composition

This seems like the neverending story, and because I’m tired of it I want to share my understanding: Association: Used when one instance should send a message to another instance. There’s no a whole / part relationship. In Java this can be an instance calling another instance’s methods. Examples of this can be a Customer and its persistance mechanism (DAO – data access object). They just send messages between each other.

Oracle XE & PHP

Have you ever tried to access an Oracle database from PHP? Well, if you are a newbie (like me) this is a great manual that will take you from PHP compilation to XML generated results: Download: The Underground PHP and Oracle Manual By Christopher Jones and Alison Holloway The book includes: PHP Oracle Extensions Installing Oracle Database 10g Express Edition Using Oracle Database 10g Installing Apache HTTP Server Installing PHP Connecting to Oracle Using OCI8 Executing SQL Statements with OCI8 Using PL/SQL with OCI8 and much more…

Got Web 2.0?

Ajax Hacks takes you step by step through an 80 tips journey going from the very basics – how to GET or POST – to advanced topics like performance tuning, caching and web services interaction. AJAX Hacks by Bruce Perry ISBN: 0-596-10169-4

Raise your hand!

Two days ago, while surfing a gov’s page, I got stuck at the very last step of a report generator. I right clicked the page, looked for a link and see the problem: an tag with a classid parameter. That object referenced a PDF file. And because the problem could be fixed by adding a simple link, I decided to give them a call. A lady answered the phone and listened carefully to my request.

Ubuntu Feisty Fawn (7.04) desktop

Sweet… Ubuntu Feisty Fawn 7.04 Controls: Clearlooks Window Border: Clearlooks Alternative Icons: Dropline Neu!