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Support Glumik!

Hello, This time I write to ask you for your support. We’re developing a website for small business owners in the City of Queretaro, Mexico. The website will allow the proprietors have presence on the Internet. Many of these people do not have the resources for starting a website and we want to help them. Donations start from as little as 1 dollar. The more you donate the better chance you have to get a reward, including a 1 hour call where you and I can hold a Q&A session on selected tech topics.

Windows Live Writer? nah… Adobe Contribute

Obsesed with looking for a good blogging tool on the web and reading a big list of complaints for the lack of a good tool for mac users, I didn’t realize I had had one for a long time on my computer: Adobe Contribute. Most people talk about Microsoft’s Windows Live Writer and how to run it on a Mac, but forget about this good option that runs natively on it.

How to access a Web service from a C# Desktop Application

This project will teach you how to create a C# Desktop Application that uses a Web Service as its backend. You will need Visual Web Developer Express and Visual C# Express. Step 1: Creating the Web Service Open Visual Web Developer and go to File > New Project. Under Project Types select Visual C# > Web. Under Templates select ASP.NET Web Service Application. Press the Ok button. By default, Visual Web Developer will create a Web Service and a HelloWorld operation (method) in it that returns a string.

asp.net tips and tricks

How to get the username in a web app Four steps to achieve it: Use the following code to get the username in your application: string user = User.Identity.Name.ToString(); Modify your web.config file to include the identity and the authentication tags: <system.web> <identity impersonate="true" /> <authentication mode="Windows"/> </system.web> In IIS right click your application and select Properties. Go to the Directory Security tab. Click Edit under Authentication and Access Control.

Is beauty better than functional?

what do you think? how many times we find ourselves trying to sell a good project that, because of its ugly look, ends in the garbage bin? Do you think an engineer should have some lessons on aesthetics? art? or leave that right minded work to the guy who used to be in ballet lessons at the university?

Tabs, Shortcuts and Internet Explorer

Have you read the information that shows up when you click the “new tab” button in IE? I think I did it once when I tried for the first time this tabbed IE, and never took a look at it again. Until yesterday. I just read it and surprised me because it contains a useful list of shortcuts for managing tabs. Many of them remind me the way Operaworks, but there are a few new.

About this new year…

Hello all. Since November I have been using the Microsoft 2008 Express Suite. Nice suite, but a big change since these last months I was only on the Java side. C# is one of those languages you can easily fall in love with. Most of the applications I’m developing are for web, and it has been a great opportunity to use some of the DHTML libraries I’ve found on the web to create those new fancy interfaces.


I love Dilbert!

Firefox cannot load "localhost", while IE can

I installed IIS on a reformatted computer and when trying to access the home page using Firefox I was asked for my username and password. After many tries and permission checkings (check this first!) I used IE and it worked€¦ I googled a little bit and found this solution: Open up Firefox and type about:config in the url field In the Filter Type in ntlm Double click €œnetwork.

Server Upgrade

Last sunday I upgraded my website software… phew!, It was a long task, but final result was very pleasant :-). Right now it’s running on WordPress 1.5. Very nice. One major change was the use of subdomains instead of subdirectories. I pretend to keep all blogs cleaner by putting each one in its own subdomain space. The price is some broken links on the net ;-)…